Beyond this point there be Dragon - By Julie Burgess-Wells
Beyond this point there be Dragon - By Julie Burgess-Wells
Beyond this point there be Dragon - By Julie Burgess-Wells

Dragon Fantasy books

Fantasy books grab your attention and you get totally immersed into them. Now a days you get a wide range of fiction stories to choose from. Amongst fiction stories, dragon stories have been handed down for generations in many civilizations. One of such fiction books which is well-written with brilliant descriptions is by Julie Burgess Wells. Wells' “Beyond This Point There Be Dragons” is a famous dragon fantasy story. This long dragon story takes the reader stroke by stroke from the characters of ancient times to the characters of today. The story about the long dragon is clear and interesting, providing a persuasive invitation to learn and explore while having fun.

Chapter One
There is, as humans will tell you, an earth myth that speaks of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We other beings in the universe know the ancient truth behind the story, and clearly at one time the Old Ones of that planet must also have known.  Perhaps this truth is too amazing for the human to accept; I cannot be sure because I’m not very familiar with the species.

A great adventure, a quest...

It seems sad that one race should have lost this knowledge, but perhaps their Wise Ones judged them not to be ready. The reality is quite simple.  The rainbow is no brief ethereal arc, but a strong constant doorway that floats in the sky.  A doorway which leads to many places in the universes.

Although beings in other dimensions are aware of this cosmic opening, only the race known as the Elverine holds its secrets.  The Elverine, unmistakable, incredibly beautiful even by universal standards, the Keepers of the Rainbow, Guardians of the Seven Doorways, I could go on, but all this you will gather for yourselves!   Suffice to say they are trusted and honest mediators.  Their traditions, folklore, and Honoured Ones go back to the beginning of time. 

It is the story of one of the Honoured Ones that I am about to relate; a great adventure, a quest, which I was proud to be part of.  (Who am I?  Ah, later, my friends).  You must bear in mind that although to the Elverine this is now ancient history, to some it is reasonably modern, for not all the lands and dimensions which lead from the rainbow are of the same age or time span...

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